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Project Number: 2022-1-KA210-ADU-225B8C38



  • 01uDevelop e.V. (E10270740-Germany)
  • 02Avrupa Yenilikçi Toplum Derneği (E10258369-Turkey)
  • 03Esquare (E10265248-France)
  • 04Iazbuki (E10170197-Serbia)
  • 05 Institoyto Koınonikis Kainotomıas Kai Synoxis (E10119816-Greece)



In the field of adult education, according to the EU Guide the priority will be given to Improving the availability of high quality learning opportunities for adults: This priority provides support for creation and development of flexible learning offers adapted to the learning needs of adults, for example by developing digital and blended learning opportunities. Priority is also given to projects working on validation of skills acquired through informal and non-formal learning. With the project we want to offer the target- group of adult professionals (Adult and Community Educators) an opportunity for continuous professional development along with innovative tools to use in their work with people with fewer opportunities..


    • 01Our project can address the need to improve the employability of youth professionals, a need which is underestimated due to the paradox that it is the adult professionals that focus their work in the employability of all the other target- groups and there are no initiatives towards their own and the quality of their work with adults. In their daily practice, the partners have witnessed that although the adult professionals involved with the partners' operations have strong motivation, they are not always prepared to address the needs of adults with disadvantaged backgrounds. 
    • 02For example, the refugee crisis in Europe culminates at an extremely fast pace while the adult professionals are not prepared to meet the needs of refugees, asylum seekers and refugees. While most youth professionals are qualified to academic standards many of the educational interventions that form such an important part of their daily work are based on intuitive learning. Another issue we want to tackle is the attractiveness of adults initiatives to disadvantaged people. 
    • 03We have chosen the creative digital arts as alternative educational tools for the acquisition of key competences. The partners have observed a gap in the provision of training for professionals working with disadvantaged people where the use of creative disciplines is concerned, meanwhile its objectives for inclusive education, training and for promotion of high-quality of adult work are concerning all the countries involved.