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Project Number : 2021-1-HR01-KA220-SCH-0000240870024087


  • 01Djecji vrtic Cvit (E10027929 - Mediterana Croatia) (COORDINATOR)
  • 02Avrupa Yenilikçi Toplum Derneği (E10258369 - Turkey)
  • 03Zdruzenie Institut Za Razvoj Na Zaednicata (E10094504 - The Republic Of North Macedonia)
  • 04Assisi International School + Fondazione Patrizio Paoletti Per Lo Sviluppo Ela Comunicazione (E10143873-Italy)
  • 05 Agrupamento De Escolas D. Carlos I (E10183442 - Portugal)



Skills such as taking a first step, smiling for the first time, and waving “bye bye” are called developmental milestones. According to the Center for Disease Control (2018) children reach milestones in how they play, learn, speak, act, and move (crawling, walking, etc.). Early identification of developmental delays is at the utmost importance in a child’s development. Professionals in psychological, medical, scientific and educational fields have documented the importance of the years between birth and six for learning and intervention (Steele, 2004, 75). ). In Europe, the term Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) is used intermittently with the Early Intervention term. Evidence suggests that the earlier the onset of intervention, the greater likelihood of an improved developmental trajectory. It is argued that early intervention is more cost- and time efficient than a “wait and see” approach (Koegel, Koegel, Ashbaugh & Bradshaw, 2014, 50).

Research shows that there is a $8 return for every dollar invested in early intervention and estimated that 80% of the benefits were directly applicable to society in general (Reynolds et all, 2001; Bernanke, 2012) In order to have an efficient Early Identification and Early Intervention certain practices must be set in place such as standardized instruments for screening and assessments as well as strategies for work with children with delays.


  • 01Creating evidence-based practices in the area of Early Intervention for children with developmental delays.
  • 02Digitization of the early intervention practices by creation of platform for Early Intervention.
  • 03Creation of a milestone tracker app for tracking the children’s development.
  • 04Enabling access to the platform and milestone tracker to parent, caregivers and professionals in the area of disability.
  • 05Improving the level of key competences and skills in professionals in the disability area;
  • 06Foster quality improvements and excellence in innovation at the high education institution level through enhanced transnational cooperation.