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Stop trying to copy the PE training done in traditional school online. Now is the time to rethink and innovate in PE. to rethink and innovate in PE.


Project Number : 2020-1-PL01-KA226-SCH-095146


  • 01Panstwowa Wyzsza Szkola Zawodowa W Tarnowie (E10158820 - Poland) (COORDINATOR)
  • 02Avrupa Yenilikçi Toplum Derneği (E10258369 - Turkey)
  • 03Drzavno uciliste za deca i mladi so osteten vid ,,Dimitar Vlahov (E10150387-The Republic of North Macedonia)
  • 04Aristotelio Ekpedeftirio Serron (E10178456-Greece)
  • 05 Branko Pesic - Primary school and school for adult education (E10051065-Serbia)



In today's world without using digital tools, in teaching subject specific field is impossible since our students use digital tools more and more at all. Regarding this, integrating digital devices, school administration software, and applications into the classroom serve to improve learning and boost good study habits. Bearing this in mind, innovating the teaching is become imperative due to emerging corona outbreak, schools across the EU turned into online teaching to ensure safety of the kids. During the rise of online classes, teachers have tried to explore new ways of encouraging students to self-direct their learning. In this regard, academic lessons, such as Science, Maths, Language, History, etc are relatively taught through the use of digital tools. However, the social interaction required lessons, such as PE have not been taught effectively since lack of adequate, appropriate, effective and inclusive digital tools to teach PE online.


  • 01To design a need based online PE education curriculum, which addresses the current situation and future of PE,
  • 02To strengthen PE teachers' profiles and ease how to teach PE online through the use of digital tools.
  • 03To produce a digital education package, which addressees the needs of PE teachers, schools and kids.
  • 04To increase the motivation of the kids participating the PE online.
  • 05To cooperate and network with associations representing schools, NFE centres and NGOs to create a more modern, dynamic, commitment and technology based PE education.
  • 06To promote virtual training virtual trainings for PE teachers.
  • 07To incorporate digital online technology into PE-specific teaching, training and learning.
  • 08To pilot PE digital educational resources with non-formal methodological approach