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Project Number: 2020-1-FR01- KA226-SCH-095432


  • 01Institut Regional d'Insertion Professionnelle et Sociale  (E10171529-France)
  • 02Avrupa Yenilikçi Toplum Derneği (E10258369-Turkey)
  • 03Namoi (E10191817-Russian Federation)
  • 04Isc Psihoforworld  (E10192553-Romania)
  • 05 Primary School of Rhodes (E10196011-Greece)
  • 06 Dimotiko Schıleio Makedonitissas 2  (E10071257-Cyprus)
  • 07 International Institute of Applied Psychology and Human Sciences Associazione Culturale (E10061723-Italy)
  • 08 Ministry for gozo (E10066051-Malta)



According to UNESCO, Covid-19 crisis it’s the biggest disruption of educational systems in the history. On 30th September 2020, around 1.077 billion learners has been affected by school closures. School at distance impacted also on reduced psychological support. Covid-19 crisis lead moreover to psychological negative effects, as demonstrated by scientific research, a needs analysis performed by IIAPHS among 4471 test which demonstrated increased levels of anxiety, psychological distress, and sleep disorders, and a research study performed by Istituto Piepoli and commissioned by the Italian Order of Psychologists, found that the general population asks for a higher presence of psychological profiles in the school education system in response to Covid-19 pandemic.


    • 01EU Model of Competences of the School Psychologist. 200 pages document designed to determine competences, roles, responsibility, and guidelines for the measurement of the psychological impact of the profession, explained according to ECVET terminology and EQF qualification.
    • 02The Worldwide Network of E-Schools Psychologists. An online platform including 400 minutes of video-lectures for the training of school psychologists and a network of school psychologists for the performance of projects and activities of online psychological support across Europe.
    • 03The Policy Recommendations for the School Psychology.  A 80 pages document including policy recommendation and transnational analysis of existing policies for the inclusion of psychologists at school and performance of support actions toward students, families and teachers.